HVLP Spray Painting Georgia

The HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) painting process involves shooting air into the can at about 15psi. The pressure builds up in the can, and the trigger allows the paint to spay from the nozzle. This method is not recommended for indoors, although we can build a tent around us to contain the overspray, if necessary.

Reasons to Consider HVLP Process over Brush and Roller

  • Our painted finish will be as smooth as the surface from factory.
  • We can provide Unique Specialty Finishes with Scuffmaster paint.

For information about the quality of our paint and drying times, we use Urethane Paint, for well venthilated areas and outdoors. If the item is painted, indoors with little venthilation, an Enamel Paint is used, in accordance with federal regulations.

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