Electrostatic Urethane Paint

It is a superior High Performance 2-part Acrylic Urethane that combines superb corrosion and chemical resistance with exceptional weatherability and gloss retention. This is the product of choice for exterior work when long-term exposure is a must. Great for outdoor furniture, recreational equipment, fences, heavy equipment and machinery of all types.

Urethane provides outstanding resistance to gasoline, occasional splash and spillage of organic solvents including xylene, alcohols, oil, mineral spirits, and salt water. Temperature resistant to 250° F continuous, and 300° F intermittent.

Electrostatic Enamel Paint

It is a single package High Performance Modified Acrylic that was formulated for interior or exterior use on various metals, to include office furniture, bathroom partitions, school lockers, medical equipment, kitchen appliances and machinery as well as many outdoor applications.

The paints we use are all environmentally safe, and contain no lead, chrome or heavy metals. These paints are durable, attractive and offer good abrasion resistance.

We start with a base and add colorant, so we can provide Professional Color Matches very quickly. We also specialize in painting colors that have Metallic Resemblance, such as Copper, Brass, Alluminum, and Stainless Steel.


Visit our Scuffmaster page for information regarding textured and metallic resembling finishes. (Scuffmaster must be painted with the HVLP Process).

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